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I am an avid reader who is part of a book club of 12 women who get together once a month at each others homes to discuss various books. We always have delicious food & wine and fabulous discussions! If you love to read then please take some time to peruse some of our book reviews, become a follower, add comments, suggestions or ratings and PLEASE share this blog with your friends too!

Aug 17, 2011

New book reviews coming soon!

Hi all-

Well, it's been a lazy summer, but certainly not for reading. We've all been busy reading but we haven't all been able to get together for Book Club, therefore I haven't posted any reviews lately. Fear not however, there will be a few coming soon!
Since we are THE BEST book club in Valencia :) we are heading out for a girl's weekend at a beachy resort  and having our next book review there! This is a first for us and we are very excited for girl talk, wine tasting, shopping and of course...book discussions! The book we will be discussing on our trip is Before I Go To Sleep by S.J. Watson and the book that we read before that was The Paris Wife by Paula McLain. Both excellent reads and both will have a review on this blog soon...I promise!
Until then, please become a friend of this blog and pass it on to others who love to read.The more comments & suggestions we receive the better of a tool this blog becomes in helping you select just the right book for you!
Happy Reading!