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Nov 7, 2012

Tuesday's Child by Fern Michaels

Every year our Book Club takes a week end trip to a quaint little beach town where we rent a house by the shore and conduct our monthly book discussion outside by a roaring fireplace. It's a lovely time and I highly recommend this to all book clubs that have great friendships within their club. 

This month, Tuesday's Child was chosen because our September hostess wanted to pick a light summer read and something that matched our beach-y experience. This is a story about a murder, a conviction, an overturned conviction, romance and all the tales and intrigues that goes along with such a story. Also, a good portion of the story is set in Hawaii and the descriptions of this tropical land invoked daydreams of vacation in all of us.

The problem with the book is it wasn't very well written, even though the story would make for the perfect Hallmark movie. We all really wanted more from this author because it seemed like just when we began to get attached to a character or story line, it fell short and either just ended or took a twist that just didn't settle well with us. We all wanted to like it and hoped that it would somehow end and bring everything to full circle but it just never really accomplished that for us.

If it's a light summer read you are looking for or you love Hallmark movies then this will be an enjoyable book for you to read. Even though it wasn't our favorite we sure had a blast on our beach get away weekend and our hostess made a delicious dinner to match the Hawaiian theme of the story!

Appetizers: Hawaiian Meatballs
Dinner: Chicken Tortilla Soup, Salad and Corn Bread Casserole